GoFund Them Donkey Kong Shrek Kid Cancer

AYYYYYYYY secret webpage woooooooo. you found very epic. gamer instincts. Very Cool. Super epix


Okay so the story start with Donkey Kong punching the kid. Leading to the first gofundme being created. Which is where you help "gives funds" to DK. But this sets off a chain of events. The kids DK had punch were actually coming from wealthy families.So people like the Monoply man decided to use their money to overtake DK Land, instead of using their money to go to the hospital. But since the people that DK punched were kids. Their memory is do do. They mistoke Shrek's land for DK's Land. Making Shrek lose his land and the swamp. The Captalist then changed Shrek very amazing swamp into a Buslin urban Neighborhood. Shrek is an introvert and he doesn't argue with the Capatialist. He also doesn't like people near him. Okay back to DK. He has been sent to jail because were witnesses and he gets aressted. See kids that is why you make sure there are no witnesses anyway possible. DK is very sad in jail. Very Sad. That is end of the lore. Does DK get out? Does he stay in? Find out next time in DRAGON BALL Z. (not really, there is like 20 episodes of filler after this)

Basic story with just images